FRAME :- The frame is made of all steel construction. The structure is so designed that the stresses and deflections are kept within permissible limits. This helps in maintaining geometrical accuracy of structure, and consequently in maintaining close clearance between the die and punch resulting in good quality of the end product and increased tool life.
CRANKSHAFT :- The crankshaft is made of special alloy steel. The machining is carried out under close supervision to ensure high quality and long life. The crankshaft is fitted in bronze bushes for smooth and accurate working & longer life.
CLUTCH :- The Clutch is made of special alloy steel to ensure long and trouble free life. Single pin/rolling key clutch is provided for 10 Tons to 300 Tons presses. Double rolling key clutch offered against request. The clutch is rigid and well supported. It works in continuous sequence for mass production
GEARS :- The Gears are made of steel cast or are fabricated/ Gear teeth are generated by precision hobbing machine.
RAM, SLIDE & TABLE :- The Ram, Slide & Table are made of special cast iron cast iron & Properly seasoned. They are perfectly aligned, to each other to obtain high accuracy & precision press operation.
LUBRICATION :- Oil cups are provided to all presses for lubrication whenever necessary. Hand operated/ Motor operated lubrication system offered against request.
HAND SCRAPING :- The alignment and accuracy of TARAK presses is much better than industry standards. This accomplished by skilled workers, who hand-scrape every component masterly. The expertise of individual workmanship adds value to the design and quality of TARAK presses.